Choosing the Right Toilet: What to Understand Before You Buy Toilets for Your Brisbane Bathroom Renovation

When tackling a bathroom project, one of the most important steps is selecting what items you'll upgrade, and deciding on your new replacement fixtures. Putting in a stunning new glass shower and adding elegant tapware to your sink goes a long way towards finishing off the project on which you've worked so hard. How much thought have you given to the toilet, though? Brisbane homeowners renovating their bathrooms shouldn't neglect this most basic bathroom fixture. Not all toilets are the same, and not every model is going to be a visual fit with the project you've imagined. At Builders World, we provide tonnes of options from which you can choose.

From the traditional close coupled toilets to more modern in-wall models, figuring out which one is the right choice can seem tricky. Finding a reliable place to buy toilets in Brisbane can seem a challenge, too. Not so with Builders World on your side. We supply toilets to many trades, from plumbers conducting installations to new construction. Many models are on display at our store in Woolloongabba, making it easy to come in, browse, and speak with our team. Before selecting a toilet, it can be helpful to understand the different kinds you'll find on display. What makes them different?

Deciding on a toilet for your Brisbane home

Builders World has three major types of toilets Brisbane shoppers can choose from: close-coupled, in-wall, and wall-faced toilets. Each of these operates as you'd expect, but their placement in your bathroom and visual appeal are all a little different.

Close coupled models look the most like a typical toilet, with the cistern attached directly to the bowl. However, these models are slim in profile and hide all their piping within the case, creating a unified and clean look. Such models fit well in small spaces, for when you can't expand the size of your bathroom.

With regard to in-wall toilets, these units offer a chic, modern look. With their cistern and piping hidden inside of the wall, all that's left are the clean lines of the toilet bowl. You can even hang these models off the ground, creating a futuristic impression. These are ideal for the forward-thinking homeowner.

Finally, wall-faced toilets are a blend of both other types. They have an attached cistern, but a minimalist space-saving design. They are anchored firmly to the wall, often concealing internals in the wall as well. These toilets are an excellent choice for those seeking a compromise between style and function.

Explore all we have to offer in person

Builders World is an excellent place to buy a toilet in Brisbane, and not just because we provide our customers with such a vast range of options. Our positive reputation for quality and affordability among builders speaks for itself as well. We invite you to come and explore our collections in person; let us supply all you need for your renovation, from toilets to sinks. Our experienced staff are always ready to answer your questions! When the best-looking fixtures and a wealth of choice are what you're after, "buy where the builders buy" — come see us today at Builders World, located at 48 Ipswich Road, Woolloongabba.