Towel Rails

Towel Rails

Conventional and Heated Towel Rails for Gold Coast Homes Available at Builders World

More than a convenient place to hold towels, traditional towel rails are used to offer support and help users keep their balance as they change clothes, dry off and sometimes to manoeuvre on and off the toilet. It’s no wonder stock towel rails across the Gold Coast break under the weight of these non-conventional (and admittedly unintended) uses. Not only are broken towel rails visually unappealing, they can no longer serve their secondary purpose, potentially leaving your loved ones in danger of falling.

Replace your broken towel rails at Builders World. When you buy where the builders buy, you know you’re getting high-quality products favoured by professional and experienced home developers. Shop online or at our convenient location in Morningside and talk with our experienced team. They’ll get you fitted with a sturdy and reliable fixture that is both stylish and made to last.

A popular modernised replacement for broken towel rails in the Gold Coastare deluxe heated towel rails. These stylish, energy-efficient units warm towels quickly while you’re in the shower. Just imagine a warm towel drying you off to counterbalance the crisp shock of post-shower air. Make each day a luxurious spa experience with new heated towel rails now available to Gold Coast homeowners.

The one disadvantage of DIY projects is a lack of experienced guidance. Even the most well-intentioned handyman can get lost in the details of simple projects. If you have questions, bring them to Builders World. We work with and learn from the builders who erected our communities, and we’re experienced in the industry ourselves. Committed to assisting you in all your kitchen and bathroom renewal projects, trust Builders World to supply practical advice complemented by excellent products.

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