Shower Rails

Shower Rails

Shower Rails In Gold Coast Store Available Now

Shower rails offer you versatility and flexibility when it comes to showering, especially when not everyone have the same height or agility. What is a comfortable height for the male in the household, may not be acceptable for the female who doesn’t want to get her hair wet on certain days! At Builders World, our selection of shower rails in our Gold Coast shop will give you one less thing to argue over.

Being able to adjust the height of the shower head can be important in some households. The Azzure shower rail set in matte black makes this possible, as well as rails in the Celia and Idaho sets. Made from top quality materials these sets are not only stylish but also functional for the family. From the young to the elderly, the sets allow the shower head to come off the rail for those who want to use a hand-held shower head.

Alternatively, we also stock shower rails in Gold Coast that have multiple shower heads, such as the Niagara integrated shower rail. A solid brass shower rail, the Victoria integrated shower rail also offers the two-function shower option, meaning that one shower head is at a set height, while the other is movable or can come off altogether. A perfect solution for both the tall and the short in one home.

To select the best shower rails for your Gold Coast home, head on into our store, or contact us on 1300 296 753 to discuss your options.

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